Inflation is killing your business plan. Now what?

We’ve entered a tumultuous period in the markets, one that has been many years in the making. For a long time, capital was free. Now it is expensive.

This is a big deal because most business plans did not expect it.

So leaders now find themselves in what Sequoia Capital calls a “crucible moment”. One that will define which businesses succeed and which do not.

Leaders are cutting expenses to get profitable. Consultants and other vendors, senior executives, marketing, and R&D are all in the crosshairs. Operations, commercial, and corporate functions will get leaner.

In an ironic twist, strategic work is now considered a luxury in precisely the moment when it can have the greatest impact.

Some businesses are implementing painful, across-the-board cuts without any strategic response to the new reality of the market.

Others are sharpening their value propositions. Reprioritizing their roadmaps around newly urgent and pervasive market problems. Updating their pricing strategies. Bringing value to market in creative ways that meet customers where they are.

We are among the latter group. What are we doing?

We want to help you join us in responding strategically to the new economic reality. Let’s talk.